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Bird Research
Vol. 2 (2006) P A1-A10



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Five Goshawks Accipiter gentilis fledglings were radio tracked to study habitat use and natal dispersal. Goshawks left the nest area about 40 days after fledging. There were three types of dispersal observed: sudden dispersal, gradual dispersal and stop-and-go dispersal (initial move about 10km from the nest site followed by another move). After fledging, the percentage of open habitat (e.g. fields and grass land) within their estimated home range gradually increased as they ranged more widely. Despite this habitat most used by fledglings was forests, and open habitats were avoided. The abundance of birds is significantly higher in open habitat than in forest area, and likely affected the result because fledgling Goshawks preferred to hunt from groves of trees located in open areas.

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