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Relationship between Cisplatin or Nedaplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity and Renal Accumulation
Yoshiko KawaiSaburo TaniuchiShigeki OkaharaMasuhisa NakamuraMunekazu Gemba
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Volume 28 (2005) Issue 8 Pages 1385-1388

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Nedaplatin is known to exhibit antitumor activity similar to that of cisplatin. However, concerning side effects, nedaplatin causes renal toxicity less frequently than cisplatin. In this study, we compared the incidence of renal toxicity between cisplatin and nedaplatin by investigating the difference in kidney tissue accumulation. Kidney tissue accumulation of cisplatin administered at 3.75 mg/kg was similar to that of nedaplatin administered at 24 mg/kg. At these doses, the plasma creatinine level and urinary excretion of glucose and N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase (NAG) similarly increased. There was a correlation between kidney accumulation of cisplatin and nedaplatin and the increases in plasma creatinine level and urinary excretion of NAG. Therefore, our results suggest that nedaplatin less frequently causes renal toxicity in comparison to cisplatin due to lower kidney accumulation.

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