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Total Peroxynitrite Scavenging Capacity of Phenylethanoid and Flavonoid Glycosides from the Flowers of Buddleja officinalis
Bui Huu TaiBong Yong JungNguyen Manh CuongPham Thuy LinhNguyen Huu TungNguyen Xuan NhiemTran Thu HuongNgo Thi AnhJeong Ah KimSang Kyum KimYoung Ho Kim
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2009 年 32 巻 12 号 p. 1952-1956


Nine compounds, including six phenylethanoid glycosides: acteoside (1); bioside (2); echinacoside (3); poliumoside (4); phenylethyl glycoside (5); salidroside (6) and three flavonoids; linarin (7); apigenin (8); isorhoifolin (9), were isolated from the flowers of Buddleja officinalis MAXIM. (Buddlejaceae). Chemical structures were confirmed by 1H-, and 13C-NMR, and MS spectral methods and compared with those reported in the literature. Antioxidant activities of the methanol and water extracts, and all isolated compounds were evaluated using the total oxidant scavenging capacity (TOSC) assay against peroxynitrite. Results of the assay showed that the phenylethanoid glycosides, a major class of compounds of the flowers of B. officinalis, possess strong antioxidant activity. Of these, acteoside, echinacoside and poliumoside have 9.9-, 9.8- and 9.5-fold TOSC value, respectively, compared with the positive control, Trolox.

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