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Metabolic Regulation in Adipocytes by Prostanoid Receptors
Tomoaki InazumiYukihiko Sugimoto
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2022 Volume 45 Issue 8 Pages 992-997


Prostanoids are a group of typical lipid mediators that are biosynthesized from arachidonic acid by the actions of cyclooxygenases and their subsequent terminal synthases. Prostanoids exert a wide variety of actions through their specific membrane receptors on target cells. In addition to their classical actions, including fever, pain, and inflammation, prostanoids have been shown to play pivotal roles in various biological processes, such as female reproduction and the maintenance of vascular and gut homeostasis. Moreover, recent research using mice deficient in each of the prostanoid receptors, or using agonists/antagonists specific for each receptor clarified novel actions of prostanoids that had long been unknown, and the mechanisms therein. In this review, we introduce recent advances in the fields of metabolic control by prostanoid receptors such as in adipocyte differentiation, lipolysis, and adipocyte browning in adipose tissues, and discuss the potential of prostanoid receptors as a treatment target for metabolic disorders.

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