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Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics
Vol. 7 (1984) No. 11 P 791-797



Attempts were made to investigate the effect of 2'-carboxymethoxy 4, 4'-bis (3-methyl-2-butenyloxy) chalcone (sofalcone) on necrotizing agents-induced gastric lesions and on prostaglandin E2 (PGE2)-like activity of the gastric tissue in rats. 1. Sofalcone, 100 mg/kg i.p. and 300 mg/kg p.o., markedly suppressed 0.6 N HCl-or 100% Et0H-induced gastric lesions. Sofalcone, 100 mg/kg i.p., also significantly suppressed 0.2N NaOH-induced gastric lesions. 2. Sofalcone suppressed 0.6 N HCl-induced gastric lesions with both oral and intraperitoneal routes, and the effect was particularly marked at 60 min. A dose of 100 mg/kg i.p. showed suppression lasting for up to 300 min. 3. 0.6N HCl-induced gastric lesions were significantly aggravated by indomechacin treatment (10 mg/kg s.c.). Oral sofalcone (300 mg/kg) significantly suppressed the aggravation of gastric lesions by indomethacin given before and after sofalcone, but the i.p. (100 mg/kg) did not show significant suppression in the case of pretreatment with indomethacin. 4. PGs-like activity in the gastric tissue was increased in both of the fundus and the antrum by the administration of sofalcone without any dose-dependency. The increase was continuous and lasted for 6 h in the fundus of the stomach.

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