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Studies on Kochiae Fructus III. Antinociceptive and Antiinflammatory Effects of 70% Ethanol Extract and Its Component, Momordin Ic from Dried Fruits of Kochia scoparia L.
Hideaki MATSUDAYue DAIYasuko IDOSungkwon KOMasayuki YOSHIKAWAMichinori KUBO
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1997 年 20 巻 10 号 p. 1086-1091


The 70% ethanol extract (KS-ext) from Kochiae Fructus (dried fruits of Kochia scoparia L.) was screened for its activity on nociceptive and inflammatory responses in experimental animals. Although KS-ext at an oral administration of 500 mg/kg had an antinociceptive effect on writhing responses induced by acetic acid, it was ineffective on nociceptive response in the hot plate test. Oleanolic acid oligoglycoside, momordin Ic isolated from Kochiae Fructus significantly decreased the frequency of licking behavior within a unit of time at the late phase without affecting that of the early phase in the formalin test. Also, KS-ext inhibited the rise of vascular permeability induced by acetic acid, the increase of paw edema induced by carrageenin, histamine, serotonin or bradykinin and ear swelling induced by arachidonic acid. Momordin Ic also exhibited an inhibitory effect on carrageenin-induced edema. These results indicated that Kochiae Fructus has a peripheral antinociceptive effect mediated by antiinflammatory action, and that its active component can be partially attributed to momordin Ic.

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