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Vol. 19 (1986-1987) No. 1 p. 59-68



A quentionnaire survey was conducted to clear the smoking habits among male university athletes. 425 male students aged 18-23 responded to the questions of their smoking habits, daily dietary life and sleeping anonymously. The differences of smoking habits among athletes are analyzed in this report.
The results are as follows;.
1) Among the male university athletes,45.2% have smoking habits..
2) The percentages of the smokers among Kendoists, Ruggers and Gymnasts are high (82.7%,73.4%,61.9%, respectively), and those among Soccer players, Judoists and Swimmers are low (8.1%,11.5%,18.2%, respectively)..
3) There is a remarkable difference of daily diet and sleep between the smokers and the nonsmokers. The Nonsmokers have more desirable diet and enough sleep, and also, there is a remarkable difference between events of athlete..
4) Volleyballers, Track and Field athletes and Swimmers obtain higher scores of Dietary Index more than players of other events.

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