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Conodont-based age calibration of the Middle Triassic Anisian radiolarian biozones in pelagic deep-sea bedded chert
Shun MutoSatoshi TakahashiSatoshi YamakitaKatsuhito SodaTetsuji Onoue
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2019 Volume 70 Issue 1-2 Pages 43-89


The age of pelagic Panthalassic deep-sea bedded chert has been assigned based on radiolarian biostratigraphy. However, Triassic radiolarian biostratigraphy is in many cases not precisely correlated to the conodont zones and the standard geological timescale. In this study, we investigated the conodont biostratigraphy of two radiolarian-controlled bedded chert sections of Anisian age: the Ajiro Island section in Oita Prefecture and the Kurusu section in Aichi Prefecture. We recognised six conodont biozones in the studied sections: the upper Olenekian Novispathodus brevissimus-Icriospathodus collinsoni and Triassospathodus homeri Zones, the lower Anisian Chiosella timorensis Zone, the middle Anisian Paragondolella bulgarica Zone, the upper Anisian Paragondolella excelsa Zone and the uppermost Anisian to lowermost Ladinian Paragondolella trammeri Zone. These conodont zones were successfully correlated to the standard Triassic radiolarian zonation proposed by Sugiyama (1997, Bull. Mizunami Foss. Mus., vol. 24, p. 79–193). Sugiyamas radiolarian TR 1 Zone, previously considered to be of Olenekian age, extends to the middle Anisian. The TR 2A Zone, the TR 2B Zone and the lower part of the TR 2C Zone are correlated to the middle Anisian, while the upper part of the TR 2C Zone and the lower part of the TR 3A Zone are correlated to the upper Anisian. The upper part of the TR 3A Zone and the lower part of the TR 3B Zone are probably correlative to the uppermost Anisian, but the possibility that they are correlative to the lowermost Ladinian cannot be ruled out.

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