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Development of a Target Screening Method of Organic Pollutants in Environmental Water by a Rapid Pretreatment Cartridge (2) —Application to LC/MS/MS—
Toyokazu KOGATakashi MIYAWAKI
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2020 Volume 69 Issue 3 Pages 121-134


In this study, a rapid target screening method for organic pollutants in water environments by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) has been developed using a rapid pretreatment cartridge (the cartridge method). A salting-out pretreatment was carried out, with acetonitrile as the extraction solvent. The recovery tests of 71 (octanol-water partition coefficient (Log Pow): –0.46-8.20) out of 85 pesticides, using river and sea water, were at acceptable levels (recovery rate, 54-132 %) compared with the target recovery rates (50-150 %). There were 14 pesticides with lower recovery rates, which were polar chemicals (Log Pow: –0.91-3.18). We focused on a direct injection method that uses LC/MS/MS measurements, after filtering samples and adding internal standards to improve the low recovery rates of those 14 pesticides. The results of the direct method showed that the 14 pesticides were at acceptable levels (recovery rate, 73-114 %). Furthermore, in the direct injection method, the range of Log Pow was investigated by recovery tests of 85 pesticides. As a result, some hydrophobic chemicals (Log Pow, 2.58-8.20) adsorption to the filter was estimated. It was possible to measure chemicals with a Log Pow of –0.91 to 8.20 by using both the cartridge method and direct injection methods. The analysis time of the developed rapid screening method was shorter than that of the conventional solid-phase extraction method, and the total time required for our analytical procedure was approximately 10 min.

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