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Circulation Journal
Vol. 69 (2005) No. 11 p. 1380-1385



Clinical Investigation

Background Low-renin (volume-dependent) hypertension represents 25-30% of all cases of primary hypertension. Endothelial dysfunction and vascular remodeling are associated with hypertension but their relevance to volume-dependent hypertension (VDH) is not yet known. To evaluate this, flow-mediated dilation (FMD) of the brachial artery and the carotid intima-media thickness in the distal common carotid artery were measured and compared between renin-dependent mild-hypertensive patients (RDH) and controls. Method and Results The study group comprised 40 mild-hypertensive patients and 25 controls. Plasma renin activity (PRA), plasma aldosterone concentration, angiotensin II and nitrite/nitrate plasma levels were measured. According to PRA, subjects were classified as VDH (<0.6 ng · ml -1 · h-1), or RDH (>0.6 ng · ml-1 · h -1). Vascular function was evaluated by FMD before and after reactive hyperemia (RH) and glyceryl-trinitrate (GTN) administration. FMD in response to RH and GTN in the VDH group when compared with RDH group was 10.2±2.8% vs 13.3±3.6% (p=0.01); and 16.0±3.5% vs 19.9±4.5% (p=0.01), respectively. Conclusion This study showed impaired FMD and reduced GTN response in mildly hypertensive patients with low-renin plasma levels. (Circ J 2005; 69: 1380 -1385)


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