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Circulation Journal
Vol. 80 (2016) No. 5 1148-1152



Cardiovascular Surgery

Background:The long-term outcomes of mitral valve (MV) repair for active infective endocarditis (AE) are not well known, so the present study examined results from >5 years.Methods and Results:We retrospectively reviewed 43 patients who underwent primary MV repair for AE at a single center between 1991 and 2009. Patients’ mean age was 50.9 years, and 39% were female. The mean follow-up was 7.4 years, and 90.7% of the patients had serial echocardiographic studies over the years. We examined the data for mortality, mitral reoperation, and recurrent significant mitral regurgitation (MR). There were no early deaths but 6 late deaths. Survival was 92.6±4.1% for 5 years, and 83.5±7.3% for 10 years. The respective 5- and 10-year rates of freedom from MV reoperation were 90.5±4.5% and 86.6±5.8%, and for freedom from moderate or severe MR were 95.0±3.5 and 86.1±6.7%. Recurrence of endocarditis was observed in 2 patients (4.7%). Most (86%) of the survivors were in New York Heart Association class I.Conclusions:MV repair for AE is durable and offers acceptable long-term outcomes with low rates of recurrence and reoperation. (Circ J 2016; 80: 1148–1152)


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