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Thermochromism of Polysilanes Bearing Non-Ionic Polar Side Chains and Some LiClO4 Salt
Kunio OkaNaofumi FujiueSaburo NakanishiToshikazu TakataTakaaki DohmaruChien-Hua YuanRobert West
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1997 Volume 26 Issue 3 Pages 253-254


The titled polysilanes, {CH3-O(CH2CH2O)n-CH2CH2CH2-Si-CH3}x (n = 1∼3), are thermochromic both in the solid state and in solution. In the solid state these polysilanes all show a continuous bathochromic shift until nearly the same kink point temperature(190 K), then blue shift slightly. A water-soluble polysilane, n = 3, forms a complex with LiClO4. The thermochromic behavior of the complex is highly dependent on Li content. The complex of higher Li content shows only a blue shift on cooling while complexes of low Li content display red shift initially till Tg and then blue shift. An unexpected hyperchromic effect accompanied by the blue shift observed for the complex of Si:Li = 1:1 on cooling.

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