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Isolable Yet Highly Reactive Cationic Organoruthenium(II) Amidinates, [Ru(η6-C6R6)(η-amidinate)]+X, Showing Signs of Coordinative Unsaturation: Isoelectronic Complexes of Ru(η5-C5Me5)(η-amidinate)
Taizo HayashidaYoshitaka YamaguchiKarl KirchnerHideo Nagashima
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Volume 30 (2001) Issue 10 Pages 954-955

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The coordinatively unsaturated ruthenium(II) complexes [Ru(η6-C6R6)(η-amidinate)]+X (R = H, Me, X = TFPB, PF6), being isoelectronic with Ru(η5-C5Me5)(η-amidinate), have been isolated and characterized by spectroscopy and crystallography. A weak π-coordination of the amidinate ligands in the solid state was observed by X-ray crystallography. DFT calculations also suggest that such a coordination mode contributes to the stabilization of these complexes. These complexes behave as highly reactive transition metal Lewis acids in the reactions with various two-electron donor ligands.

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