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A Dimeric Mixed-Anions Lead(II) Complex: Synthesis and Structural Characterization of [Pb2(BTZ)4(NO3)(H2O)](ClO4)3 {BTZ = 4,4′-Bithiazole}
Ali Reza MahjoubAli Morsali
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2001 Volume 30 Issue 12 Pages 1234-1235


The reaction of mixture Pb(ClO4)2 and Pb(NO3)2 with 4,4′-bithiazole ligand yielded white crystals of [Pb2(C6H4N2S2)4(NO3)(H2O)](ClO4)3. In this complex the cationic part is in fact binuclear and contains two PbL2 groups linked via bridging NO3 anion. It also contains a water molecule and as well as 4,4′-bithiazole ligands in all cases are coordinated via nitrogen atoms. Three perchlorate anions are uncoordinated to lead(II) and the lone pair of valence electrons of the lead(II) ions appears to be stereochemically active. The coordinated water molecule is involved in hydrogen bonding acting as hydrogen-bond donors with two O atoms of perchlorate ions as potential hydrogen-bond acceptors.

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