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Crystal Structure and Solid-state Ionic Conductivity of Cyclic Sulfonylamide Salts with Cyano-substituted Quaternary ammonium Cations
Makoto MoriyaTakaaki WatanabeShohei NabenoWataru SakamotoToshinobu Yogo
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Novel organic ionic plastic crystals containing cyclic perfluorosulfonylamide anions were synthesized by anion metathesis between cyano-functionalized quaternary ammonium halide and Li{N(SO2CF2)2CF2} (LiCPFSA). The structure of [N(CH3)2(CH2CN)2][CPFSA] was disclosed by single crystal X-ray diffraction study. This study is the first report of the crystal structure of cyclic perfluorosulfonylamide anion.

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