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Special Cluster in Conjunction with IEICE General Conference 2019
Personal Identification with Any Shift: Authentication method for smartwatches having shoulder-surfing resistance
Makoto NagatomoKazuki WatanabeKentaro AburadaNaonobu OkazakiMirang Park
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2019 年 8 巻 12 号 p. 495-500


Recently, mobile terminals having small touchscreen such as smartwatches are increasing. PIN or pattern lock are used for personal authentication for smartwatches, but it is possible to leak authentication information by peeking the screen because the information is displayed directly. Therefore, in this paper, we propose Personal Identification with Any Shift (PIAS), which user taps different icon from registered icon on 3 × 3 icons. In addition, we implemented PIAS and evaluated it by confirming the usability and shoulder-surfing resistance. As a result, authentication time and success rate was 13.8 s and 89.4%, and the rate of successful shoulder-surfing attack was 0.0%.

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