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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Vol. 50 (2002) No. 3 P 354-363



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The pharmacokinetic behavior of allixin (3-hydroxy-5-methoxy-6-methyl-2-penthyl-4H-pyran-4-one) was investigated in an experimental animal, mice. Allixin was administered using an inclusion compound because the solubility of allixin in aqueous solution is very low. The allixin content in serum and in the organs of administered animals was analyzed by liquid chromatography (LC)-MS. Most of the administered allixin disappeared within 2 h, and the bioavailability of allixin was estimated to be 31% by obtained area under the blood concentration–time curve (AUC). The metabolites of allixin were studied using the metabolic enzyme fraction of liver and liver homogenate. Several new peaks corresponding to allixin metabolites were observed in the HPLC chromatoprofile. The chemical structure of the metabolites was investigated using LC-MS and NMR. Three of them were identified as allixin metabolites having a hydroxylated pentyl group.

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