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Sesquiterpenes and Alkaloids from Lindera chunii and Their Inhibitory Activities against HIV-1 Integrase
Chao-feng ZhangNorio NakamuraSupinya TewtrakulMasao HattoriQi-shi SunZheng-tao WangTamio Fujiwara
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2002 Volume 50 Issue 9 Pages 1195-1200


Three new eudesmane type sesquiterpenoid lindenanolides E (1), F (2) and G (3), and two new aporphine alkaloid lindechunines A (18) and B (20) were isolated from roots of Lindera chunii MERR., together with seven known sesquiterpenes including a new naturally-occurring lindenanolide H (4) and eight known aporphine alkaloids. The structures of these compounds were determined by spectroscopic means. Of the isolated compounds, hernandonine (14), laurolistine (16), 7-oxohernangerine (17) and lindechunine A (18) showed significant anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) integrase activity with IC50 values of 16.3, 7.7, 18.2 and 21.1 μM, respectively. The major alkaloids presented in the roots of L. chunii were quantitatively analyzed by an HPLC method.

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