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Facile One Pot Microwave Induced Solvent-Free Synthesis and Antifungal, Antitubercular Screening of Spiro [1,5]-Benzothiazepin-2,3′[3′H]indol-2[1′H]-ones
Anshu DandiaMeha SatiKapil AryaRekha SharmaAndré Loupy
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Volume 51 (2003) Issue 10 Pages 1137-1141

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Microwave activation coupled with dry media technique as a green chemistry procedure has been applied to synthesis of a series of some new title compounds. They have been obtained by the reaction of in situ synthesized 1,3-dihydro-3-[2-(phenyl/4-fluorophenyl)-2-oxoethylidene)-indol-2(1H)-one (4a, b) with substituted aminobenzenethiols (5a—d). The key intermediates 4a, b were also prepared in one step by this improved technique by reacting isatin and substituted acetophenones (2a, b). The results obtained under microwave irradiation when compared with that following conventional method demonstrate the versatility of the process. The title compounds 7a—e have also been screened for their antifungal and antitubercular activity, 7a and 7e showing maximum inhibition of growth of Alternaria alternata and Fusarium oxysporium and 7b, c, e revealing significant antitubercular activity.

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