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Synthesis and Evaluation of 6-Nitro-7-(1-piperazino)quinazolines: Dual-Acting Compounds with Inhibitory Activities toward Both Tumor Necrosis Factor-α (TNF-α) Production and T Cell Proliferation
Masanori TobeYoshiaki IsobeHideyuki TomizawaTakahiro NagasakiMasamitsu AokiToru NegishiHideya Hayashi
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Volume 51 (2003) Issue 9 Pages 1109-1112

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We investigated the chemical modifications of the nitroquinazoline derivative (1) through the replacement of the NH group at the C(4)-position with several N-alkyl groups to increase the lipophilicity at the C(4)-position. Among them, we found that the N-methyl analogue (5a) showed a 2-fold loss in the inhibitory activity toward tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) production in vitro as compared with the NH analogue (1); however, 5a exhibited an oral inhibitory activity on TNF-α production with an ED50 value of 26 mg/kg, whereas 1 did not. Moreover, the oral bioavailability of 5a was higher than that of 1 (1, F=1%; 5a, F=21%), and the calculated ClogP value for 5a was higher than that for 1. These results suggest that the improved lipophilicity of 5a compared with that of 1 reflects its greater inhibitory activity on TNF-α production in vivo as well as oral bioavailability.

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