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Analysis of the Stability of External-Application Dermatologic Preparations: Consideration from Rheological Measurements
Yoshihisa YamamotoMoemi KumetaniYoshinori OnukiTatsuo KoideToyofumi SuzukiToshiro Fukami
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2016 Volume 64 Issue 7 Pages 1047-1055


The present study examined the stability of mixtures of various combinations of moisturizers, water in oil (w/o)-type or oil in water (o/w)-type cream preparations containing heparinoids, and steroidal ointments or creams (o/w-type) frequently used in children. Centrifugation at room temperature led to separation of mixtures of w/o-type moisturizers and steroidal ointments into three layers. Polarized microscopic observations, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, and dye-based analyses revealed the presence of oily components in the upper and middle layers and water-soluble components in the lower layer. Separation into three layers upon centrifugation was also observed for mixtures of o/w-type moisturizers and steroidal ointments. In contrast, neither the o/w-type moisturizer and steroidal cream nor the w/o-type moisturizer and steroidal cream mixtures separated into layers upon centrifugation. Consideration of the characteristics of each preparation is necessary when mixing external-application dermatologic preparations. Centrifugation at 4°C did not result in layer separation of the w/o-type moisturizer and steroidal ointment mixture, suggesting that cold storage of such mixtures provides superior stability compared with room temperature storage. However, despite no obvious layer separation, the NIR spectra indicated that water movement was induced within the mixture. These results clearly indicate that methods such as NIR spectroscopy are useful for early determinations of the stability of mixed external-application dermatologic preparations.

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