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Synthesis and Evaluation of Habiterpenol Analogs
Miyuki KonyaShiho ArimaDaiki LeeMasaki OhtawaKenta ShimoyamaTakashi FukudaRyuji UchidaHiroshi TomodaNoriyuki YamaotsuNobutada TanakaTohru Nagamitsu
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2022 年 70 巻 4 号 p. 261-268


Habiterpenol is a G2 checkpoint inhibitor isolated from the culture broth of Phytohabitans sp. 3787_5. Here, we report the synthesis of new habiterpenol analogs through the total synthesis process of habiterpenol and evaluating the analogs for G2 checkpoint inhibitory activity. We investigated two different synthetic approaches for total synthesis, with intramolecular conjugate addition and Ti(III)-mediated radical cyclization as key reactions. Although the former was unsuccessful, the latter reaction facilitated stereoselective total synthesis and determination of the absolute configuration of habiterpenol. The extension of these chemistries to a structure–activity relationship (SAR) study gave new habiterpenol analogs, which could not be derived from natural habiterpenol and only be synthesized by applying the total synthesis. Therefore, this study provides important insights into SAR studies of habiterpenol.

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