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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Vol. 39 (1991) No. 3 P 732-736



The renal responses of magnesium lithospermate B were investigated in the presence or absence of pretreatment with the converting enzyme (kininase II) inhibitor, captopril, in rats with adenine-induced renal failure. Magnesium lithospermate B (10 mg/kg body weight) cased a marked increase in the levels of the renal functional parameters (glomerular filtration rate, renal plasma flow and renal blood flow), accompanied by significant increases in urinary excretions of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), kallikrein, sodium and creatinine. The administration of magnesium lithospermate B in combination with captopril (2 mg/kg body weight, 2 times) caused a further increase in renal functional parameters, urinary sodium and creatinine excretions. However, the kallikrein activity was similar to the control level. There were no significant changes between urinary PGE2 following magnesium lithospermate B alone, or in combination with captopril. In addition, angiotensin converting enzyme activity did not change following the administration of magnesium lithospermate B alone, but was significantly decreased in rats given captopril, both alone and in combination with magnesium lithospermate B. The captopril administration group (captopril alone or in combination with magnesium lithospermate B) showed a significant decrease in blood pressure. From these results, it seems that the combination of magnesium lithospermate B and captopril induces a further increase in renal function by improving the renal circulatory state.

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