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Constituents of the Seed of Malva verticillata. VIII. Smith Degradation of MVS-VI, the Major Acidic Polysaccharide, and Anti-complementary Activity of Products
友田 正司淺原 初木権田 良子高田 勝利
ジャーナル フリー

1992 年 40 巻 8 号 p. 2219-2221


The controlled Smith degradation of MVS-VI, the major acidic polysaccharide having remarkable anti-complementary activity isolated from the seeds of Malva verticillata L., was performed. Methylation analysis of both the primary and the secondary Smith degradation products indicated that the core structural features of MVS-VI include a backbone chain composed of β-1, 3-linked D-galactose residues. The majority of galactose units in the backbone carry side chains composed of β-1, 3- and β-1, 6-linked D-galactosyl residues at position 6. The controlled Smith degradation products showed considerable anti-complementary activity.

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