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A Simpler, Cheaper and Quicker Method to Study Somatic Chromosomes from Goat, Capra hircus (L.)
Nandan Kumar MondalSamar Chakrabarti
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2007 Volume 72 Issue 4 Pages 419-425


A modified method for the preparation of somatic chromosomes from goat (Capra hircus) has been introduced. The method is simpler, cheaper and quicker to all the existing protocols. The material is easily available at a low cost and the method produces almost equally effective results within a short period of time. Therefore, this material and the method have been recommended both for classroom demonstration of somatic chromosomes and research. In essence, the model describes the use of HBSS as incubation medium (replacing costly culture media) for bone marrow cells collected from slaughtered goat and incubated in HBSS in presence of a metaphase arrester (colchicine) for varying length of time to standardize the optimum dose. The cells were collected by centrifugation, suspended in hypotonic solution followed by fixation in an appropriate chromatin fixative. The slides were prepared by flame dry technique, stained in Giemsa solution for observation. The diploid number has been conformed as 60 acrocentric chromosomes of varying length. Construction of karyotype revealed a heteromorphic sex chromosome status, in male 2n=60, XY and in female 2n=60, XX. Spontaneous ploidal variation and the occurrence of Robertsonian fusion have been recorded. The advantage of this modified ‘pocket friendly’ technique has been discussed.

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