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Meiotic Behavior and Chromosome Number of 5 Species of the Astragalus sect. Megalocystis Bunge (Fabaceae) in Iran
Massoud RanjbarRoya KaramianAghdas Enayati Akmal
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2010 年 75 巻 1 号 p. 49-58


Meiotic behavior of 7 Iranian populations of 5 Astragalus species from the section Megalocystis, A. submitis Boiss. & Hohen., A. raddei Basil., A. halicacabus Lam., A. ebenoides Boiss. and A. fuhsii Freyn & Sint. is presented. All species are diploid and possess 2n=2x=16 chromosome number, consistent with the proposed base number of x=8 from ICPN. Although the taxa displayed regular bivalent pairing and chromosome segregation at meiosis, some meiotic abnormalities observed include a varied degree of fragmented chromosomes in metaphase I; cytomixis in metaphase I; asynchronous nucleus in metaphase II and cytomixis in telophase II.

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