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Fluorescent Banding and RAPD Analysis of Four Varieties of Lablab purpureus L.
Zannati RahmanMd. Ahashan HabibRokeya BegumSheikh Shamimul Alam
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2013 年 78 巻 4 号 p. 391-397


Four released varieties of Lablab purpureus L. from Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), viz. BARI Sheem-1, BARI Sheem-2, BARI Sheem-5, and BARI Sheem-6, were characterized by differential karyotype and RAPD analysis. 2n=22 metacentric chromosomes were found for all except BARI Sheem-1 (20m+2sm). The four varieties were found to possess symmetric karyotypes. Each variety had a different fluorescent banding pattern. BARI Sheem-2 showed a maximum of 10 CMA bands. All terminal CMA bands supported the equilocal distribution of heterochromatin. The four varieties showed different DAPI banding patterns. DAPI bands in different locations suggested the random distribution of AT-rich repeats. Few chromosomes of these varieties could be used as markers. Every variety had its own RAPD fingerprinting pattern with different primer combinations. In spite of similar conventional karyotype features, the four varieties could be differentiated by their CMA, DAPI, and RAPD banding patterns. This information may be helpful for the correct breeding of BARI.

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