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Cytogenetics of Four Species of Genus Berberis L. (Berberidaceae Juss.) from the Western Himalayas
Syed M. JeelaniSanjeev KumarSavita RaniSantosh KumariRaghbir C. Gupta
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2014 年 79 巻 1 号 p. 111-117


The genus Berberis belongs to the family Berberidaceae and includes mostly wild, important medicinal plants. Meiotic studies have been carried out for analyzing the genetic diversity in 11 populations covering four species from different selected parts of the Western Himalayas, such as Kashmir (Jammu and Kashmir) and the districts of Kangra and Sirmaur (Himachal Pradesh). The species being cytologically worked out for the first time worldwide include B. ceratophylla (2n = 28). Similarly, B. vulgaris (2n = 28), although worked out earlier from other countries, is being reported cytologically for the first time from India. The meiotic course in most of these populations has been observed to be normal except for a single population each of B. asiatica, B. ceratophylla and B. vulgaris marked with abnormal meiosis. Out of these three species, two (B. asiatica and B. vulgaris) are marked with cytomixis. These meiotic abnormalities lead to the production of heterogenous-sized fertile pollen grains and reduced pollen fertility.

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