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Karyological Characteristics of Lilium ledebourii Boiss and Lilium longiflorum Thunb.
Seyyed Karim TahamiEsmaeil ChamaniNasser ZareRasool Asghari-ZakariaMehdi MohebodiniDaryl Joyce
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2014 Volume 79 Issue 4 Pages 547-552


The karyological characteristics of two Lilium species were investigated by aceto-ferric-hematoxylin staining. Chromosome characteristics, including the number and length of the chromosomes, length of their long and short arms, length of the total set of chromosomes, the arm ratio index and relative lengths of chromosome, were measured based on averages for five different metaphase cells. Both species are diploid (2n=2x=24). The karyotype of Lilium ledebourii consisted of 1 pair of metacentric, 4 pairs of submetacentric, 3 pairs of acrocentric and 4 pairs of subtelocentric chromosomes. The karyotype of Lilium longiflorum was comprised of 1 pair of metacentric, 4 pairs of acrocentric and 7 pairs of subtelocentric chromosomes. Chromosomes 5 and 7 in Lilium ledebourii and chromosomes 6 in Lilium longiflorum had a satellite. Karyotypes were classified as 3A by Stebbins classification.

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