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Life Cycle and Lectin-Binding Patterns in the Chytrid Fungus Chytriomyces hyalinus
Shuhei OtaShigeyuki Kawano
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2015 Volume 80 Issue 1 Pages 125-129


Chytrids are an early diverging group of fungi possessing a flagellated spore stage in their life cycle. Chytrid infections in amphibian species and algae are currently a major problem worldwide. Lectin binding patterns are key factors involved in host-parasite interactions. However, there are no analyses of the lectin binding pattern for core chytrids (e.g., species belonging to Chytridiales). Here we present time-lapse observations of the early development of the vegetative stage and lectin binding patterns to examine sugar composition during the asexual life cycle of the core chytrid Chytriomyces hyalinus ATCC 28165. The lectin binding assay showed that the signal of wheat germ agglutinin was detected in the chytrid cell wall and basal part of the rhizoidal system, but not in the zoospore and rhizoid system. This result indicated that N-acetyl-d-glucosamine was accumulated highly at the basal part of the rhizoid system in C. hyalinus.

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