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Cytologia Focus
Hi-C Revolution: From a Snapshot of DNA–DNA Interaction in a Single Cell to Chromosome-Scale De Novo Genome Assembly
Arata HoshinoTomoko M. MatsunagaTakuya SakamotoSachihiro Matsunaga
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2017 Volume 82 Issue 3 Pages 223-226


Hi-C (high-resolution chromosome conformation capture) provides the genome-wide interactions of all genomic regions. Hi-C can identify topologically associating domains and enhancer-promoter loops. Recently, Hi-C data could be acquired from only a single cell or a single-nucleus. These new approaches enable us to identify the character of individual cells. Moreover, Hi-C is also applicable for the construction of long-range scaffolding of chromosome-scale de novo genome assembly. The chromosome-scale assembly with Hi-C enables us to reveal the spatial chromatin organization in repetitive sequence-rich genomes and validate chromosome rearrangements including chromosome fusions and translocations. In the future, Hi-C will contribute to the determination of an optimal strategy in cancer therapy.

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