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Endangered Medicinal Plant Polygonatum cirrhifolium (Wall.) Royle Undergoing Erratic Male Meiosis in Kinnaur Population
Kamlesh KumariManjit Inder Singh Saggoo
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2017 年 82 巻 4 号 p. 391-394


Polygonatum cirrhifolium commonly known as Sobnyam in Kinnaur is rich source of starch, pectin, protein and fiber content. In the present study, two accessions of P. cirrhifolium belonging to family Asparagaceae were studied for male meiosis from the cold desert region of Kinnaur. Both the accessions showed the presence of 16 bivalents (based on x=8) at diakinesis and metaphase, which is in conformity with the previous reports. Earlier, floristic diversity of medicinal and aromatic plants was studied by various workers, but the cytological study along with the meiotic abnormalities in the species has been carried out for the first time from the study area. Therefore, there is need to generate awareness among the local people regarding the conservation and utilization of medicinal plants.

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