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Isolation of Protoplasts Banana (Musa acuminate Colla) cvs. Dwarf Cavendish and Valery and Research Morphological and Cytogenetic Their Plantlets Regenerated
Rayan PartoviFarah FarahaniMasoud SheidaiTaher Nejad Satari
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2017 年 82 巻 4 号 p. 395-401


Bananas (Musa spp.) are one of the most important fruits in the world. The mesophyll tissue of leaves excised from in vitro plantlets of banana (Musa spp.) cvs. Dwarf Cavendish and Valery were used as a source of protoplast isolation. Aliquots of purified protoplasts were plated in Murashige and Skoog (MS, 1962) liquid culture medium (F) without growth regulators. Protoplast-derived microcolonies were individually picked up and gently transferred onto regeneration medium “P” (MS medium with IAA and BAP). The highest protoplast numbers were produced in cv. Valery. Microcolonies were regenerated to plantlets, the longest mean of length shoot and the highest shoot proliferation rate were observed in cv. Dwarf Cavendish and cv. Valery, respectively. Chromosome numbers of the plants regenerated from Musa cv. Valery protoplasts varied from 66% normal (2n=3x=33), 20% (2n=2x+1=23) and 14% aneuploids (2n=2x−2=20) of the cells and 54% normal (2n=3x=33), 26% (2n=2x+1=23) and 20% aneuploids (2n=2x−2=20) of cells were in cv. Dwarf Cavendish.

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