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Two Problems in the Interpretation of Meiosis in Plants
B. N. SinghS. SampathR. K. Bansal
ジャーナル フリー

1940 年 10 巻 4 号 p. 516-523


Two problems in interpretation of meiosis were noticed in a study of meiotic chromosomes of Tulipa and Rhoeo.
The first is as follows: The prophase nuclei of Tulipa is a dense tangle of threads. Invariably and smoothly the tangle resolves itself into bivalents and trivalents by metaphase. The problem arises, how is such a pairing mechanically possible?
The second problem is as follows: The metaphase chromosomes of Rhoeo are linked to each other end to end. Each chromosome is composed of two closely fitting spiral chromatids. It is improbable that the terminal attachments are due to terminalised chiasmata. An alternative solution is wanted.
The problem arises only if (i) the facts are correct (ii) if the chromosomes retain their identity throughout the division.
(i) is corroborated by other workers' publications and (ii) is an incontrovertible assumption.
It is suggested that both the problems have a common solution. Possibly a certain arrangement of chromosomes in the premeiotic telophase facilitates the prophase pairing in Tulipa and originate metaphase figures in Rhoeo.

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