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Pollen Sterility in Solanum tuberosum L
Shâms-ul-Islam Khân
ジャーナル フリー

1951 年 16 巻 2 号 p. 124-130


1. Tingfan and ‘Meitan local’ varieties have been studied for pollen grain sterility.
2. Irregularities in the chromosome behaviour in meiosis have been noted and a particular mention may be made of precocious disjunction of univalents and non-disjunction of bivalents.
3. The infection of plants by virous and fungous diseases seems to increase the percentage of abnormalities in meiosis.
4. Early sowing of potato tubers has a marked influence on the general vigour of plants and thereby on the regularity of meiosis.
5. The pollen sterility in potato is probably due to an interaction between a number of different factors acting in co-ordination with each other.
The present investigation was carried out in the cytogenetic labo-ratory of the National Chekiang University at Meitan, Kweichow, China, and the writer has been fortunate to avail freely of the helpful criticism and suggestions of Dr. C. C. Tan, to whom, indeed, he is greatly indebted.

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