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Electron Microscopical Studies on Reproductive Cells of Plants II
Structure of Spermatozoids of Marchantia polymorpha and Isoetes japonica
Syôiti Satô
ジャーナル フリー

1951 年 16 巻 2 号 p. 153-163


The spermatozoids of March antia polymorpha and Isoetes japonica have been studied by means of the electron microscope.
1. Spermatozoids of Marchantia polymorpha:
The flagellum consists of a bundle of several fine fibrils, and the semitransparent plasmic membrane surrounding this bundle was observed. The end of the flagella showed two types, a brush-like or a hook-like forms. In the hook-form, the network of the fibrils and plasmic substance were observed.
The blepharoplast, the spermatozoid-nucleus, the middle piece and the plasmic region are seen homogeneous by reason of the thickness and high density for the electron beam.
In the specimen treated with pepsin, it seems that the blepharoplast, the spermatozoid-nucleus and the plasmic region differ in their structure.
2. Spermatozoids of Isoetes japonica:
Each of cilia consists of many delicate fibrils (about twenty in number), and the arrangements binding these fibrils near the blepharoplast were observed.
The nuclear portion and the plasmic bands are homogeneous in the electron micrographs, while in the specimens treated with ammonium an expansion was produced, and the band structure and the fibrous structure which forms the bands were observed.
The author wishes to express his thanks to Professors Sinoto and Yuasa for their encouragement and helpful suggestions during the course of this work. Thanks are also due to Dr. S. Okoda, Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tôkyô, who kindly took the electron micrographs used in this paper. This work was supported in part by a research grant from the Fuju-kai Research Encouragement Fund.

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