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Studies on X-ray induced reciprocal translocations in Einkorn wheats. III
A newly synthesized ring of 14 chromosomes in a complex heterozygote, aegilopoides monococcum
Kosuke Yamashita
ジャーナル フリー

1951 年 16 巻 2 号 p. 164-176


Reciprocal translocations (RT's) induced by X-ray treatments of dormant seeds of Einkorn wheats, Triticum aegilopoides and T. monococcum, were analyzed and their chromosome constitutions established.
In the attempts to combine the chromosomes into larger rings, successive crosses among the established RT-types have been carried out and all possible combinations of rings and pairs obtainable from the 14 Einkorn chromosomes were realized, resulting in a series of structural hybrids comparable with the well known situation in Oenothera. In one of the cross combinations, the crosses were so planned that the chromosomes of T. monococcum associate with those of T. aegilopoides in every ring. In this way was the (14)-monococcum aegilopoides complex heterozygote obtained.
Fertility relationships and the evolutional processes of plants with ring complexes were discussed.

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