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Chromosomes in Interphase Nuclei
Riojun KinositaSusumu Ohno
ジャーナル フリー

1956 年 21 巻 1 号 p. 61-64


Azure or Feulgen positive, well-defined elements were demonstrated in the interphase nuclei of rat myeloid cells at various stages of maturation.
The elements were fewer in number in more mature cells. They included two forms: namely long, fine threads and short, double-stranded, deeply stained rods. The proportion of these components varied according to maturation of the cell. The threads occurred in the myeloblasts and the promyelocytes exclusively or predominantly, while the adult granulocytes contained only rods. The former group of cells are capable of mitosis and the latter are not.
The elements were similar in form and stainability to the mitotic chromosomes at the stage of nuclear reconstruction. The latter also included two forms which proportion varied according to maturation of the cell being formed, similarly as observed in the interphase cells. The similarities thus shown suggested that the chromosomal elements demonstrated in the interphase nuclei are continuants of the mitotic chromosomes.

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