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A Study of Individual Chromosome Composition of the Various Chromosome-number Classes at Pollen-mitosis I in a Triploid Plant
J. Yanney Wilson
ジャーナル フリー

1959 年 24 巻 4 号 p. 466-477


1) The suitability of the chromosomes of the Bluebell, has made it possible to study the composition of the individual chromosome-number classes at pollen-mitosis in the triploid of Endymion hispanicus (Mill) Chouard.
2) Present studies show that the Anaphase chromosome classes and the Pollen-grain groups may not be ‘pure’, but may contain all 3 of one chromosome or lack all 3 of a particular chromosome.
3) In the triploid Bluebells the Pollen-mitosis showed an apparent increase in groups with more than 1.5n chromosomes, and it has been shown that a number of this is caused by the ‘impure grains’. The presence of these grains is due to delay in disjunction at Anaphase I.
4) The individual chromosomes in a triploid occur with different frequencies in the population, the highest being the smallest Chromosome H followed by one of the long but satellitic Chromosome D. The lowest is Chromosome B.
5) A number of the above features of chromosome behaviour in the triploid is shown to play some part in the sterility of this type of polyploid.

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