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Cytological Behavior of an F1 Species Cross (Phaseolus lunatus L. var. Ford hook×Phaseolus polystachyus L.)
A. S. DhaliwalL. H. PollardA. P. Lorz
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1962 年 27 巻 4 号 p. 369-374


The paper describes the cytological behavior of F1 cross (Phaseolus lunatus L. var. Fordhook×Phaseolus polystachyus L.) under Utah environmental conditions. The germination behavior of parental and hybrid plants was studied. The flower buds were fixed in propiono-alcohol and were smeared in propiono-carmine.
The meiotic behavior of chromosomes, as seen from the dividing pollen mother cells, was normal in parent species. A number of meiotic irregularities such as non-pairing of chromosomes, early disjunction, the presence of bridges and laggards with unequal distribution of chromosomes at anaphase, and polyspory were recorded from hybrid plants. The meiotic irregularities in general seem to be responsible for high pollen sterility in F1 hybrid plants.

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