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Karyotype Analysis in 15 Varieties of Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp and Autylosia lineata (W. and A.)
M. P. ShrivastavaD. SharmaLaxman Singh
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1973 年 38 巻 2 号 p. 219-227


Fifteen varieties of Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp differing in morphological chara-cteristics and Autylosia lineata W. and A. were studied for karyomorphology. Twenty-two chromosomes were found in all the varieties of Cajanus cajan and Auty-losia lineata. Considerable inter varietal variation in chromosome complement was observed, in regard to arm ratio, total length etc. Variability in morphological characters observed among the cultivars of Cajanus cajan is expressed to some extent through variation in its karyotype. One pair of satellited chromosome was observed in 13 varieties of Cajanus cajan and Autylosia lineata. A variety P.958 did not have satellited chromosome, while variety NP.69 had a heteromorpho-logical pair with one member being satellited only. Variety T.21 had shortest total chromatin length of 27.60±0.142 microns against 44.92±0.795 for variety R.3. It was 26.36±0.848 for Autylosia lineata. On the basis of arm-ratio the chromo-somes were catagorised as median (0.76-1.00), submedian (0.51-0.75) and sub-terminal (0.25-0.50).

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