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Mitotic Cell Studies Based on in vivo Observations VII
The intrinsic nature of cancer cells and of carcinogenesis as interpreted from the viewpoint in reference to cell biology
Bungo Wada
ジャーナル フリー

1974 年 39 巻 1 号 p. 165-178


1. According to the atractoplasm theory, the cause of carcinogenesis is ultimately attributed to a deficiency of SFR genes which give information to repress the spindle formation for the cell differentiation.
2. This deficiency of SFR genes takes place as a result of somatic cell mutation induced by DNA recombination errors.
3. All the agents and the treatments, and also the cells attacked by viruses, all of which heretofore have been considered to be the causes of carcinogenesis are nothing but the causes inducing cell conditions under which various grades of DNA fractions would appear in the disintegrated nuclei of wounded cells. These DNA fractions permeating into neighbouring mitotic cell nuclei of wound-healing tissue participate in giving rise to DNA recombination errors.
4. Among various kinds of mutant cells induced by recombination errors, those cells encountered having a deficiency of the SFR genes by chance become incipient cancer cells or stem cells.
5. The genomes of the stem cells, the tumor cells and the tissue cells of tumorbearing organs are the same, but the first two cell groups have a deficiency of SFR genes.
6. Corresponding to the increase of a vast number of cells in growing tumors, the morphology and the metabolism of the tumor cell groups alter conspicuously, and the kinds of genes in active or dormant states alter as well. Accordingly, many newly produced substances appear differing from those in tumor-bearing organ tissue cells, as well as from those in incipient cancer cells. Therefore, various immunological reactions found in tumors imply neither the evidence for the presence of cancer-specific substances nor that for a plurality of cause for carcinogenesis.
7. The only cancer-specific substance which should be determined immunologically and isolated biochemically is logically the substance which may be produced as a result of a deficiency of SFR genes.

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