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Karyomorphological Analysis of Different Species and Varieties of Calathea, Maranta and Stromanthe of Marantaceae
Sandip MukhopadhyayA. K. Sharma
ジャーナル フリー

1987 年 52 巻 4 号 p. 821-831


Extensive analysis of morphological, anatomical and cytological characters was carried out on 14 different species and varieties of Calathea, Maranta and Stromanthe of Marantaceae. The morphological and anatomical features of these species vary between species to species and are correlated with chromosome number. These characters may serve as identifying parameters.
Chromosome analysis has indicated the chromosome number to range from 2n=24 to 28 in Calathea, 2n=48 and 52 in Maranta and 2n=44 in only species of Stromanthe. The polyploid forms do not show an exact multiplication of the basic set. Duplication alongwith the minute structural alteration of chromosomes has played a role in speciation of these genera.
A conspicuous variation was recorded amongst these species in length and volume of chromosomes. The length and volume did not show any direct correlation with chromosome number and a consistency in difference of these two characters was recorded as well. Differential coiling and uncoiling of the arm and ratios of different chemical components in the chromosome structure, have been suggested as responsible for this difference. The similarities in gross karyotype and morphological characters indicate a close relationship between these genera.

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