Online ISSN : 1348-7019
Print ISSN : 0011-4545
Cytological Studies on Herposiphonia tenella
B. AnnapurnaB. G. S. Rao
ジャーナル フリー

1989 年 54 巻 3 号 p. 449-453


Cytological information on the non-dividing (metabolic) and dividing nuclei from tetrasporophytic thalli of Herposiphonia tenella (C. Agardh) Ambronn. is reported now for the first time. At meiosis, there is prevalency of bivalency followed subsequently by regular meiotic events. On this basis it is determined that the 2n chromosome number is 46 for this taxon. It is concluded that H. tenella is nearer to the more advanced Ceramiales in its attainment of higher chromosome number. Its affinities to other polysiphonous Ceramiales have not become clear. This would become possible when other species of this genus and those related to it become cytologically better understood.

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