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Karyomorphological Studies in Some Primula Species of Nepal Himalaya
S. R. SakyaK. K. Joshi
ジャーナル フリー

1990 年 55 巻 4 号 p. 571-579


Karyotype analysis were made using root tip, leaf tip, petal tip as well as pollen mitosis in 13 species of Nepal himalayas. The chromosome number of Primula atrodentata W. W. Sm. (2n=22); Primula deuteronana Craib (2n=22); Primula edgeworthii Pax (2n=22); Primula erosa Wall. (2n=22, 24); Primula irregularis Craib (2n=22); Primula rotundifolia Wall. (2n=22) are reported here for the first time. Genetical diversity has been recorded in Primula denticulata Sm. with having variable chromosome numbers of 32, 34, and 44. The chromosome number of Primula elliptica Royle is observed as 2n=24.
Data on the chromosome numbers of Primula gracilipes Craib (2n=22); Primula malacoides Franch. (2n=18); Primula petiolaris Wall. (2n=22); Primula reticulata Wall. (2n=22); Primula sikkimensis Hook. f. (2n=22), reported in previous references have been confirmed.
The basic number 11 is predominating in this genus studied. Critical notes are made in the karyotype characteristics and its interrelationship among species.

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