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Cytogenetics of Hybrids of Thinopyrum elongatum (2n =2x= 14, or 2n =4x=28) with Hordeum vulgare, Secale cereale and Triticum turgidum
A. Mujeeb-Kazi
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1996 Volume 61 Issue 2 Pages 141-146


New hybrids of Thinopyrum elongatum (2n = 2x =14, EE and 2n = 4x = 28, E1E1E2E2) were obtained with Hordeum vulgare (2n = 2x =14, HH), Secale cereale (2n = 2x =14, RR), and Triticum turgidum (2n = 4x = 28, AABB) in a low frequency. The hybrids were somatically stable with 2n = 3x = 21 chromosomes for Th. elongatum/H. vulgare (E1E2H), Th. elongatum/S. cereale (E1E2R) and T. turgidum/ Th. elongatum (ABE). All hybrids had an intermediate phenotype of the parents and where possible to conduct meiotic analyses expressed a predominant univalent formation at MI, a relationship typical of distant hybrids. In Th. elongatum/ H. vulgare F1 meiotic associations of 20.19 univalents suggest an alteration of the anticipated higher pairing possible due to autosyndesis of the E1E22 genomes of tetraploid Th. elongatum. This may presumably be an influence of the H. vulgare genome.

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