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Tokyo Tech Risky Materials Management
Noriko HasegawaHiroko Kato
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2014 Volume 5 Issue 1 Pages 41-48


Universities keep various kinds of chemicals for their researches; therefore the fire or explosion of these chemicals would cause not only the damage of buildings but also enormous amount of anxiety and troubles to the residences around the campus. Many of current fires happened due to inadequate usage of toxic/poisonous usage in university/institute. The safety management in university is closely related to the social responsibility of the university,compliance, disclosure, social media etc. which composes of “Trust Bridge” between stakeholder and the university.Also, the education of the next generation of the student on the safety and health management is important as the social responsibility of the university. We also had serious fire/explosion accidents with color laser machine happened in this campus last year. In order to avoid such accidents, we established a new rule for the risky material management system to prevent the laboratory fire/explosion accidents. This paper focuses on the importance of the recovery of the “Trust Bridge” after the laboratory fire has occurred to the university, and describes how we can practically recover it.

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