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近藤 恭子
ジャーナル フリー

2001 年 2001 巻 11 号 p. 17-29


Women in Love gives the impression of incorporating a perspective that extends over a vast expanse of space and time, even though it covers just one year. This essay attempts to explore the way this perspective is achieved. Northrop Frye, in his Anatomy of Criticism, divides literature into four“narrative categories, ”each associated with a season: Comic (spring), Romantic (summer), Tragic (autumn), and Ironic or Satiric (winter).
By tracing images in the novel, this essay tries to argue that Women in Love incorporates all four of these categories in one work. The incorporation of the four pregeneric categories allows the work as a whole to be particularly enriched, by different colors and shades, different ways of seeing and comprehending social reality. The whole is seen from four different perspectives. The essay tries to demonstrate that Women in Love is truly‘dialogic’in the Bakhtinian sense. Each category helps illuminate, clarify, reveal, and interpret the others.
The essay concludes that it is the four different narrative categories interacting within the work that help achieve the above sense of perspective.

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