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Dental Materials Journal
Vol. 31 (2012) No. 5 p. 821-827



Original Paper

Orthodontic appliances often cause oral diseases such as dental caries and gingivitis due to the attachment of an oral biofilm. However, there are few reliable methods to remove the biofilm from the orthodontic appliances. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of microbubbled water on the removal of biofilms made with Streptococcus mutans or Candida albicans on orthodontic appliances. The orthodontic appliances with biofilm were immersed with microbubbled water and the remaining biofilm on the appliances was detected and measured using a micro-plate reader and an absorbance meter. The microbubbled water had a sufficient effect on the removal of biofilm from orthodontic appliances. The effects of microbubbled water were significantly higher than those of tap water (S. mutans: p<0.05, C. albicans: p<0.01). The results of this study suggest that microbubbled water is effective in the removal of biofilm from the mouth of orthodontic patients.

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