Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Vol.7 (The 8th International Conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 2009)
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The Optimal Toll Schemes to Container Ships Queuing at the Anchorage
Chen-Hsiu Laih*Pey-Yuan Sun
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When arriving at a busy port, a container ship usually need to queue in anchorage waiting for a berth. If the port establishes a toll scheme during the queuing period, container ships' arrival times at the port will be dispersed, and the queuing situation can be decreased. In this paper an optimal step toll scheme to container ships is designed, and all values of equilibrium queuing costs, equilibrium derivative costs due to queuing, and in patterns of arrival time change under the optimal step toll scheme are obtained. According to these equilibrium results, this paper shows container ships that pay the toll to berth a queuing port are those altered their original arrival times at the port before the toll was established. In addition, container ships' arrival time change decisions from the non-toll to the optimal step toll cases can be predicted before tolling a queuing port.

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